In search of a sourcing agent in China? Read this.

Sourcing agent in China

In search of a sourcing agent in China? Read this.

Sourcing agent in China

by CIL1

Sourcing in China can cause many risks and work for businesses. Experience and knowledge are required when you are sourcing and buying from China. For a western business, it is essential to have the right support. Besides support, a business is also searching for a reliable person or company who can take care of their purchasing process in China. These businesses are searching for a sourcing agent in China. Searching for someone like us, China Import Leads. We can be your sourcing agent who knows what the western quality means, knows what standards can successfully purchase their products in China. We are a Dutch owned sourcing company in China and can function for you as a sourcing agent in China.

How can a sourcing agent in China help?

A sourcing agent in China is a person or company who will control and take care of the whole sourcing process in China for you as a company. From searching for the product at the right factory until the contractual part in China. The sourcing agent takes care of this to the last detail and ensures that you can successfully purchase your products in China.

Transparency of a sourcing process

Due to that, we are maintaining close contact with our clients. We will ensure complete transparency within the whole purchasing process on the level that you would like to see as a company. Every step, sourcing or negotiation process will be discussed with you. During the production, the factory will be visited when it is needed. All the products will be inspected and adjusted where it is needed. Moreover, every development will be reported and communicated with you. We are working as a consultancy agency with Dutch standards, and you will not face undesirable surprises.

The advantages of having a sourcing agent in China

A sourcing agent in China who can help you source your products from the start till the end of the process directly looks like a good investment. It is more than a fact. A person who is working for your company and already has knowledge of the country, foreign language, different business habits can be beneficial. It certainly applies to an entrepreneur who is not familiar with doing business in China. The knowledge and experience that you might be missing covered by a sourcing agent in China. It will exclude risks that can be faced when you are purchasing in China.

The key benefits of using a sourcing agent in China explained below.

  1. A sourcing agent in China knows the Chinese language and cultural approach regarding communication. It allows you to communicate clearly and efficiently and there will be a clear product description reached to the facing factory. Clear communications from both the buyer and factory approach will always have a positive effect on the business relationship with the manufacturer and the quality of the product.
  1. A sourcing agent in China knows the business environment in China. Knowledge about what could be the purchasing cost, quality and delivery time is a crucial factor when you are purchasing from China. Also knowing the risks in the Chinese business environment will gain financial certainty.
  1. A sourcing agent in China know how factories work in China. Sourcing agents in China know the work method and way of thinking of the factories. (Such as when would a factory take you seriously as a foreign company?)  What is the right moment to have an inspection carried out on your products during the production process? How are suppliers handling your order? These are the questions that most of the times only the sourcing agent in China can answer.
  1. A sourcing agent in China knows what it takes to source well in China. Sourcing in China, in general, cannot be compared to sourcing from somewhere else in the world. China is unique at itself. Which points are essential to discuss with the factory? What should be formalized? On which elements should you give the factory space within the production? The sourcing agent in China has the knowledge to answer all these questions and will work accordingly.
  1. A sourcing agent is a legal entity in China. A significant benefit is that a sourcing agent in China is legally valid. (On the contrary, is that if you are not a legal company in China, you have simply less to say legally) Meaning that the factory will not take your contract seriously when its only signed by a western company. By having a Chinese legal entity, you will be local in China. In addition to that, the factory takes the business deals more serious, comply with the production contract and the quality is guaranteed.

The fact remains that a sourcing agent in China can be of added value. It helps with procurement projects in China for you and supports your company resulting in successful purchasing in China. Risks are avoided and leads to that imported products meet the quality requirements of the company.