About CIL China

About CIL China

by CIL1
CIL China

Founded in 2011, CIL China is a consulting service company helping companies with their business activities in China. CIL shares its knowledge, experience and business infrastructure within China and makes this available for our clients. We execute work, set up operations, manage projects and provide business services in China.

Companies can make use of our office(s), business infrastructure within China, local resources, local network, China-knowledge and business registration as their own office. Avoiding the need for setting up your own office and liabilities in China.

CIL China

CIL China consists of a diverse team with different characters, competencies and nationalities. Local Chinese employees are working together with international management. Working in China for our clients by executing operational work, set goals and making sure we reach those goals in benefit of our clients their results in China.


CIL China is a Dutch invested foreign entity (WFOE) in China. Working out of multiple working stations from where we can reach out to any location within China. With the main entity registered in Guangzhou (Greater Bay Area) we are registered in a delta containing cities such as Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan and Hong Kong.


CIL China has resources which are available for your company to use. Resources such as office facility, business registration, local resources, local business network, business infrastructure, operational infrastructure and China-experience helping you to work within China profitable and efficient without setting up your own entity, office or commit to local obligations.

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