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Your supply chain team in China
assisting and managing
the China part.
How can we help you?

Are you looking for a suitable manufacturer to produce your product(s)? CIL China assists in finding the right manufacturers who suit your product specifications requirements in China.

Are you looking for assistance in guarding the product quality of your products? CIL China assists in executing quality inspections at factory locations in China to ensure quality standards.

Are you looking for daily assistance in managing your factories and production orders? We can help with communications, order placements, production contracting, solving problems and more.

Do you encounter problems, quality issues or difficulties with Chinese manufacturers? CIL China helps to find constructive solutions to ensure profitability and avoid risks in China.

Sourcing and supply chain as your team in China
Supply chain & manufacturing specialism

One of CIL China’s key competencies is found in manufacturing and supply chain. We are specialised in sourcing, product development, warehousing, logistics and production management. By offering our solutions, optimisation and daily executing of operational tasks we serve our clients reliable and profitable.