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CIL China consultant

Looking for help in China? We help, advice and offer solutions for any China-related issue or project. Our experience and practical knowledge can help you to find a constructive solution for your projects in China.

Hiring personell in China CIL China

Starting a project in China or need help with your current project? Our project team can help to manage and execute your project(s) in China. CIL’s Chinese staff members are working closely together with our clients to reach the business goals set for your project.

CIL China

Need a stable employee in China? Hire a part-time or full-time employee within CIL China dedicated only working for your projects in China. Select out of our team members, or we can help you to find new employees locally.

Are you looking to set up your own office in China? Set up your office in China without an official business registration. CIL China offers the solution to set up in China, only against a simple monthly contract. No official investment, liabilities, accounting or other costs involved with running an entity.

Core competencies
Supply chain & manufacturing specialism

One of CIL China’s key competencies is found in manufacturing and supply chain. We are specialised in sourcing, product development, warehousing, logistics and production management. By offering our solutions, optimisation and daily executing of operational tasks we serve our clients reliable and profitable.