Daily operating and executing work in China for you.

Daily operations (China)

Daily operating and executing work in China for you.

Daily operations (China)

by CIL1
We are able to work for you as your office in China. We operate and execute work which need to be done for your company in China. Operations related to supply chain, legal, management and beyond are within our area of work. Limited to only a few tasks per week or extended as working full time as your staff in China. In both ways we can serve.

Daily operational support

As being a supply chain support office, we can execute all your daily operations which you would like to see executed in China. We can work in support of your company’s supply chain or as an added value to your existing buying teams. Executing small tasks, projects or structural daily working for you in China.

Operations and tasks

CIL has the experience to offer expertise and operational support within every aspect of the supply chain. However, focussing on daily operations we are a cameleon. We execute daily your tasks and work that you would like us to do.

– Sourcing factories
– Purchasing
– Creating invoices
– Management purchasing orders
– QC quality control inspections
– Factory management
– Bookkeeping
– Logisitcs
– Contracting and legal
– Documenting Export/Import
– Product assembly
– Packing / re-packing
– Desiging (Product desing/Pacakging design)
– Engineering (Product engineering, technical engineering)
– And so on…

Any work, project or task related to supply chain we can execute for you from out our offices in China. Contact us for your operations that need to be executed within China.

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