CIL's warehouse in China is in service of you.


CIL's warehouse in China is in service of you.


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CIL provides the possibility to use our warehouse in China for your company’s purposes. Our warehouse facilitates shipping, storage and related services. In addition, at the same location we offer product assembly, packing, labeling and QC inspections. CIL’s warehouse is facilitating mulitple options for your business to find a full solution for your needs under one roof.


CIL’s warehouse can help you with offering storage services for short-term and long-term. Based on your company’s needs, we store your goods safe and secure within the borders of China.

Packing (re-packing)

CIL’s packing lines provides the possibility to pack or re-pack your products. We can receive your products in our warehouse in China, unpack products from their original packaging and re-pack them in the demanded packaging. In addition, we can help to design and deliver your ideal packaging if needed. All in one location.

Product assembly

As China manufacturing specialist we can help you to design and develop your products in China. In addition to the development of product, we offer product assembly services. Our production assembly lines within our warehouse are ready to assemble your product. We can help to source and develop all parts needed, receive the parts in our warehouse and assemble all parts to your ideal product. All at the same location.

Labeling (China)

CIL is able to add correct labels and barcodes to your products. We can help to design the labels, print the labels and add it to your products. CIL’s warehouse is ready to receive your goods, add the correct labels/barcodes and ship it to your destination.

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